Top Wooden Furniture Brands in India – An Epitome of Craftsmanship

Have you ever had the chance to observe a piece of wooden furniture and admire the handiwork, intricate designs, and expert carvings? Wooden furniture has simple and modern geometric carvings and elegant and artful carvings.

Creating designs and carving them out of wood is a work of art. Irrespective of the type of design, a lot of work goes into making an incredible design on a piece of wooden furniture. Have you ever wondered how designs are carved on Top Wooden Furniture Brands in India?

Carving on wooden and antique furniture is a process that involves cutting into the wood to create decorative patterns and designs. Carving has been done for centuries and is still a must-have for wooden furniture pieces.

JC Antiques and Crafts have been the leading manufacturer and supplier of wooden furniture in Jaipur, India, for over two decades. We have had the opportunity to be a part of beautifying homes all across the globe. JC has a specialized team of designers and also advanced machinery that creates exquisite and ornate designs on wooden furniture. The best experts and designers in the furniture industry have curated the three main methods of carving designs on wooden furniture pieces. Read further to learn more.

The 3 Wooden Furniture Carving Techniques-

1. Hand Carving

Hand Carving is that technique in which one can witness the wonders of craftsmanship and skill. Wood carving with the hand is one of the most ancient arts and is the fundamental woodwork technique. How are designs carved on wooden and antique furniture with hands? Usually, workers use a cutting tool in one hand and a chisel or a mallet in the other hand and create wooden figures and sculptural designs. Leaves, flowers, figures, and intricate Indian traditional and ethnic designs are carved with hand.

2. Micro Hand Carving

Some designs call for a delicate touch and lots of precision. Hence, micro carving tools like small chisels, knives, and gouges are employed to create highly detailed carvings and precision woodworking designs. The artisans who work on such miniature carvings have an eye for minute details. Micro hand carving is not easy and can only be delivered by highly skilled and expert artisans.

3. CNC Machine Carving

CNC carving is the modern technology to create custom and beautiful designs on wooden furniture. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. A CNC machine can analyze a design and carve it precisely on wood and several other materials like marble. Maple, Walnut, Cherry, Mango wood, Ash, and all sorts of Woods and Marble can be seamlessly carved with a CNC machine. 3D carvings and Laser engravings are easily done on Sheesham Wood Furniture Manufacturers India with an advanced CNC machine within less time. Also, CNC carving is a more affordable method to produce quality and appealing designs on wooden furniture.

Wrapping It Up

Carving is no less than a wonder. Hand carvings are a sign of craftsmanship, while machine-driven carvings are a symbol of modernity. Either way, the carvings for various designs and sculptures are what add to the beauty of wooden furniture. Mesmerizing and beautiful designs on wood will reflect your personality and your home ambiance.

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