From Plank To Product – Top Wooden Furniture Brands in India

Furniture plays an essential role in our daily lives, our homes, and workplaces. However, have you wondered how wood extracted from a tree becomes a beautiful and appealing piece of furniture? What kind of process makes natural wood transform into a piece of furniture that enhances the overall charm of your house? You will get answers from Top Wooden Furniture Brands in India. This is how a plank becomes a product.

Wooden Furniture Brands

The furniture journey from start to finish –

  1. Raw Wood Procurement

It is the foremost step in furniture making. Based on the kind of furniture intended to be manufactured, wood is appropriately selected. Raw wood is procured from the local forests after relevant and necessary permits from the concerned authorities. Also, raw wood procurement calls for the implementation of sustainable methods that add to environmental improvement.

  1. Chemical Treatment of the Wood

This is an important procedure that ensures high resistance of the wood against several damaging elements like termites and borers. Often, separate chemical impregnation plants are used for chemical treatment. A vacuum and high-pressure environment is created inside the treatment chamber. A liquid chemical is pumped into the chamber. Once the wood has been chemically treated, it is sent for the next process.

  1. Kiln Drying

Chemical treatment increases the wood’s moisture from 40% to 100%. Kiln drying reduces the moisture percentage to 8-10%. Hence, Kiln Drying treats the wet logs of wood. Eventually, within 21 days, the wood becomes suitable for furniture making and polishing.

  1. Wood Storage

Post Kiln Drying, the wood is stored in a non-climate controlled environment which will enable it to reach the equilibrium moisture level. This makes it “air-dried” and further suitable for transforming it into Wooden Furniture Brands.

  1. Machining Process Of Wood

This step involves splitting and cutting wood with the help of machines. Different parts of the furniture are cut, and a rotating knife brings the pieces to the required size, based on the design of the furniture. Rip-sawing, planning, cross-cutting, mortising, etc., are a few machining processes implemented here.

  1. Component Assembly

Various methods are utilized for component assembly. Carcass construction and flat-frame construction are two common techniques implemented for component assembly. Both methods use a combination of adhesives, glues, and woodwork fittings like nails and screws to bring all the components together. Wooden Furniture Brands – If a large number of components have to be assembled for mass product fittings, then the Knock-down fittings procedure is implemented. During this step, the wood starts looking like a piece of elegant furniture.

  1. Sanding

This process ensures that the surface of the wood is smooth. Hence Acacia Wood Furniture Exporter India uses sandpapers, sanding blocks, or powered sanders to sand the furniture without damaging the wood fibers. Sanding is done in the direction of the wood grain to avoid unwanted scratches.

  1. Finishing

Wood finishing protects the wood from further environmental damage. Inadequate finishing will cause the wood to break, crack, dry, and deteriorate. Hence, the wood is given a perfect finishing with the help of several elements like sealer, lacquer wax, etc. Once finishing is done, to beautify the product required hardware as per design is fixed. Material & Hardware used depend upon the intended finish & overall design.

  1. Packaging

The furniture is ready to be delivered to the intended client. To avoid damage to the piece of furniture and to ensure that it reaches the client or the customer in perfect condition- packaging is done with utmost care. Specialized machinery is used for furniture packaging. Plastic stretch wraps and strong cardboards are utilized to ensure that wooden furniture receives no damage from the external elements. Sharp corners are covers to avoid breakage. The package is sealed with labels for proper identification. Drop test packaging is done to ensure product’s durability & strength.

  1. Warehousing

Before shipping the wooden furniture to the customer or client, it is located safely at the Wooden Furniture Manufacturers in India warehouse. Warehouses are insulated and have controlled temperature and environment to prevent damage to furniture from the build-up of moisture and heat. Robust warehouses are developed or chosen to secure the furniture before it is shipped.

  1. Container Stuffing

Loading the furniture onto a container is a complex task. One has to ensure that the container is clean and also odorless. This ensures that the furniture is not damaged in any manner. That is why several shipping companies make certain that the container is fumigated before moving. That way, pests, and other harmful microbes will be killed if any are present.

  1. Shipping To Final Destination

Once the furniture is loaded onto the container, it is shipped to the final destination. Often, the sea route is preferred for shipping. However, certain manufacturers/ Wooden Furniture Brands also use air and rail cargos for shipping wooden furniture. But, the sea route shipping is the safest.

  1. At Buyer’s Warehouse

Once the shipment containing the wooden furniture piece reaches the buyer, it is securely kept in the warehouse. After that, it is delivered to the customer’s location.

  1. To The Customer’s Place

The furniture piece will be transported from the local warehouse to the customer’s address. The furniture piece will reach you in perfect condition without any damage and will add the much-needed charm to your abode.

Furniture making is not a simple job. On the contrary, it is an art that calls for plenty of experience and skill. Right from selecting the wood and sourcing it to seamlessly assembling the various parts of the wood to form a robust, appealing, and durable piece of furniture- a lot of care, craftsmanship, and planning is required.

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