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Enhancing The Environmental Footprint

Every process implemented in our organization is monitored to ensure that it is environmentally friendly and is a step towards enhancing our collective environmental footprint.

Sustainability is a step we take for a greener future. Hence, the more responsible we are, the less catastrophe we create. And that’s exactly what we intend to do at J.C. Antiques and Crafts.

Plantation Drives

Every seed sown is a big step towards a sustainable future. That’s what we believe at JC Antiques and Crafts. We have left no stone unturned to give back something to nature. Our sustainability initiatives include growing 11,000 trees every year. We consider tree plantations as an important responsibility of the community to foster a healthy ecosystem. A unique QR code is available to check the location of these trees.

Responsible Sourcing

We implement responsible sourcing of raw material. Sourcing and processing are executed in a manner to ensure the highest level of environmental friendliness and consciousness. Details concerning our resilient and regenerative supply chain of the sourced wood and the location where it has been processed will be made available. We have a chain of verified suppliers to source our raw material.

We believe that every step has to be made in the right direction. Hence, there is constant monitoring of timber and its sources.

Using Recycled Wood

Recycling and reusing are two essential components of a healthy environment. JC Antiques and Crafts designs a range of products that make the best use of recycled wood, are visually appealing, and are also durable.

Skill Development Initiatives

Since our establishment, we have undertaken various skill development programs and training camps to encourage value creation and to empower more people to create regenerative plantation processes, economic prosperity, and sustainable environmental solutions.


Blood Donation Drives- We have undertaken several blood donation camps and drives to build a blood reservoir for the needy to drive value to life and health.

Blood donation plays a significant role in society, and it is a small act of kindness that can create huge wonders- it can save lives! We strive to be a part of this gracious task and wish to mean the world to someone in need.

Healthcare Initiatives- Healthcare has evolved into an asset only accessible to the privileged. To counter that, we have regular health checkups for all staff members and contractors- to ensure that their health is by no means impacted by the busy schedule and they enjoy a safe and secure working environment.

Education Initiatives – We believe that Education Empowers our Future, with this thought numerous scholarships are provided at JC to downtrodden individuals. Also, furniture, uniforms, stationary and other essentials are donated in schools. This ensures basic education is available to one and all which makes them self-dependent & asset for their country.