Tips To Make Your Furniture Last Longer

When you purchase wooden furniture from companies, you expect it to be durable. However, that doesn’t happen often. Why? Several external factors can affect the durability of wooden furniture. What are they? Everyday wear and tear, unexpected spilling of food and liquids, pet fur, and likewise can shorten the lifespan of your wooden furniture.

What can you do to ensure that your wooden furniture lasts long? You can follow a few smart tips to keep your wooden furniture looking as good as new. Here are some expert-curated trips from the best Wooden Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters in India. These tips will help you extend the life of your wooden furniture and save thousands of rupees in repeatedly buying new pieces over the years.

5 Smart Tips to Make Your Wooden Furniture Last Longer:

1. Keep Your Furniture Clean

Do you want your wooden furniture to look new? Here’s a fun fact. Wooden furniture is not always as old as it appears to be. Dust and grime can make it look old. Hence, you have to dedicate someone to cleaning of your furniture. Instead of harsh chemicals, use a simple damp cloth or vacuum to tidy the furniture. The cleaner it is, the newer it will look, and the longer it will last.

2. Polish the Wood

Polishing your wooden furniture is an efficient way to add life to it. As one of the best Furniture Manufacturers in Jaipur, we suggest avoiding using chemicals containing ammonia as polishing agents. A mild abrasive will do the job.

3. Reduce the Exposure of Furniture to Sunlight

One cannot entirely prevent sunlight from entering the house. 70% of UV rays from the sun can penetrate through glass windows. The rays can fade and damage the wooden surface, affecting the upholstery. What can you do? Keep your furniture in areas where there is little sunlight. Also, set up curtains and blinds to reduce exposure to sunlight.

4. Set Rules for Kids and Pets

Often, children aren’t careful around furniture. They spill food and water, draw on the cushions, and also jump on them. Pets also scratch the upholstery, and their fur, too, can cause significant damage. Hence, have some rules. Restrict your kids and pets from jumping and climbing onto the furniture. Also, consider investing in slipcovers to protect the furniture from spills.

5. Be Gentle

Furniture should be handled with care. Be it furniture from top wooden furniture brands in India or a piece of contemporary furniture bought online-be gentle with it. Improper handling can cause damage that might be irreversible. Instead of dragging your furniture, which damages the legs, opt for lifting it while moving it.

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